"As a former student of Michael Yu, I can say that his tutoring was pivotal in helping me conquer the SAT and ACT. Before I started classes with Mr. Yu, I considered my scores to be quite reasonable. However, after working with him, I saw my SAT score rise by 100 points [to a 1460] and my ACT score rise by 4 points [to a 32].

I would recommend that students work with him because he is very understanding and tailors his tutoring to the student’s needs. He reinforced understanding and lesson discussions by assigning homework sets that introduced me to different test questions, which was super helpful. He also provided useful tips and tricks on how to become a more efficient test taker.

All in all, Michael Yu’s tutoring helped me become a more competitive applicant during the college application process. Due in part to this, I was accepted to the following schools [on the right]

 - Alexander I.


"We have no doubt that Mr Yu’s tutoring services were in large part responsible for our daughter achieving a SAT score of 1560 at her first try. He was professional, pleasant, engaging, constructive and not critical at all, and our daughter enjoyed and looked forward to their sessions.


It is a testament to his ability to motivate that our daughter did her additional work at home without any prodding from us. She was offered a scholarship for and is currently studying at Northeastern University." 

 - Karl. U.

"My daughter worked with Michael for 9 months during her junior year in high school. Her pre ACT score was a 26. Michael and my daughter determined she was better at the ACT than the SAT. She took the ACT and scored a 32.


We extended our time with Michael and asked him to help increase her score by 1 point. She scored a 33 on her second attempt which put her in the 99th percentile. Michael also worked with her on the Math 2 and Chemistry subject tests. She scored a 660 on Math 2 and 740 on Chemistry.

Michael taught my daughter the tricks to taking the ACT and subject tests. He provided her with materials and notes to practice with, while encouraging her at every step. Michael would show her common patterns within the tests which helped her eliminate incorrect answers.


Michael is incredibly patient and highly knowledgeable in many subject areas. Thank you Michael for helping my daughter. She was accepted early decision and is currently attending the College of William and Mary.

I would highly recommend Michael Yu!" 

 - E. B.


"Original math SAT score: 610   
Final math SAT score: 730   
Improvement: 120 points

Andrew worked with Michael because he wanted to increase his Math score and improve his chances for scholarships.  Michael worked for 2 months (8 sessions) with Andrew reviewing math concepts and test taking skills.  Working with Michael gave Andrew the confidence to remain calm and perform during the test. 

​Andrew was very impressed with how well Micheal knew the test, the types of questions and all the pitfalls that he would come up against.  We have recommended Michael several times to other students in the area. Andrew was accepted to every school to which he applied and received merit scholarships at each school - St. Anselm, Stonehill, Quinnipiac, Marist, Assumption, Sienna and Merrimack."

 - Chris O.

"I was lucky enough to find Michael before my daughter began her Freshman year of high school when she was placed in an Accelerated Geometry class and I wanted her to have extra support as the class was designed to move quickly. Michael’s techniques, approach and skill helped her achieve success in that class and feel confident about the material she was learning."

"The partnership was so effective that it has continued throughout her high school career, through Algebra II, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC as well as assistance in AP Chemistry and AP Physics C. He also tutored her in preparation for her SATs, ACTs and AP exam in math."

​"With his guidance, she was able to maintain extremely high grades, receive a 5 on her AP Calculus exam and a 34 on her ACT, not to mention being a National Merit Scholar. When she was accepted Early Decision to her first choice college [Vassar College], we both felt strongly that Michael’s help, guidance and kind, patient approach was a key element in the success she has experienced."

 - Melissa B. 

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