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Test Registration - A Game Of Musical Chairs

The coronavirus pandemic has wreacked havoc on more than just school schedules & sports seasons: standardized testing has had its share of suffering too. Let's take stock of which tests have been cancelled so far because of the COVID-19 situation:

SAT: March 2020, May 2020, June 2020

ACT: April 2020, June 2020

From my own experience working with my students, the test date cancellations have taken a toll: not wanting to continue studying without taking the test, many of my students have stopped studing entirely. Some of those who have been diligently continuing to work were disappointed to see that they would need to continue studying for another month or two because their test date was cancelled. More and more students have prepared for the tests, but have been foiled from taking their tests.

This has created a massive pent-up demand for available seating in examination halls. My students who have attempted to sign up for the July 2020 ACT and August 2020 SAT have found that they have to travel out of state from Massachusetts, and to Vermont and Rhode Island to get available seating.

My advice to students: sign up as soon as registrations open, because the sheer number of students who are also signing up at the same time have driven up competition for limited seats. Do not hesitate for even a moment: everyone else is in the same situation, and will also play this game of musical chairs.

For more information, visit the official registration websites for the SAT and ACT.


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